Devil’s Holler Now on Bandcamp

DHLogo-02The debut album “Croatoa” from Devil’s Holler is now available on Bandcamp. Take a listen!!













and thanks to the folks at Country Home for their review of “Croatoa” y’all are really kind! Check out the review below and be sure to check out their site.

Here is the review via Google Translate

Devil’s Holler
Available at: (Sampler)

It’s getting scary. For one of the music t forth. Secondly, the quality, eg the Slide Guitar ago. ” Just a wayward “is terrific. The intro makes the slide, followed by a beat-like vocals, but getting a completely unique dimension through the slide. In such an incident you have to come only once. ” Beautiful “begins with a delicate, plucked acoustic guitar. She brings beauty specifically expressed. The singing is because even delicate, fragile. In ” Into the Stars “is a semi-acoustic guitar to the train, again replaced by sphärenhaftem singing. And on we go, charming, breathtaking, from piece to piece, whether a Akkkordeon sounds, or a fiddle. The CD is a revelation to me.Such work can be heard, until you have enough of them. Then you put it briefly to the side. And the game begins again. Very, very nice and very, very beautiful.